6 Must-Have Apps for Car Owners

Technology continues to advance with one primary aim and that is to make our lives…

Technology continues to advance with one primary aim and that is to make our lives better.

Feedback on Collected.Reviews shows that there is a technological device or process for virtually every human activity that makes it easy to carry out specific tasks and cars are not exempted.

There are several apps that every car owner must have to enjoy using their cars better. While it might be difficult to outline all of these apps, we have decided to provide you with 6 must-have apps for car owners.

1.     Drivvo

As a car owner, tracking repairs of your car is very important. You have to know when your car needs repair so as to effect it immediately. Timely repair is very important because failure to act on time when there is a challenge with your car might result in serious damage that will cost you more in the long run. Drivvo is a car app that makes it possible for you to track repairs needed for your car.

2.      Parking King

For some reasons, there are many people who forget where they parked their cars especially when it is a location with different parking lots. With Parking King, you can track where your car was parked from the application.

3.      Waze

When driving to work or to keep up with any other engagement, you need to find the fastest possible route. With Waze, you can get live traffic updates about the routes you plan on using to get to your destination. It also provides you with the fastest possible route that will help you to save time.


4.      GasBuddy

To keep major parts of your car functioning, you will need to have it refilled with gas and many times it can be difficult finding the closest gas pump station to you. This is a challenge for car owners that are new in a particular location. However, with GasBuddy, you don’t have to worry as the app helps you to locate the closest and most economical gas pump around.

5.      Torque Pro

There are times, as a car owner, that you will notice that your car is not functioning as it should but can’t seem to get a hang of what exactly is wrong with the car. Torque Pro is an application that helps to determine what might be causing the issue. It can also be used to track emissions from the car and have you notified when there is an interference with your car.

6.      AUTOsist

As a car owner, AUTOsist is a must-have app as it makes it possible and easy for you to log repairs and set reminders for the time you want the car to be serviced. Every car needs regular maintenance and AUTOsist will make sure that you get a reminder every time your car needs servicing.

As a car owner, it is important that you are conversant with the changing technological trend especially as it relates to the use of your car. To do this, you have to know the best apps to use in your car and start using them to make owning a car a lot easier.