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Tips for Choosing the Best Classic Car Transport Services

When you have to move your classic car to other town, city or country, you want to take every precaution to protect it. There are plenty of companies offering auto shipping from Florida to Tennessee and other destinations all across United States. But all companies are not equal in operations and services. In order to choose the best classic car transport services, you need to consider few things in mind:

  • First of all, one must conduct research to find a company efficient and experienced in handling and transporting classic cars. You can ask friend and acquaintances to know about the reliable classic car transport services used by them and it can save you a headache down the road. It is good to read customer reviews of classic car transport companies on local better business bureau sites and independent online reviews.
  • Once you shortlisted few companies in your mind, you must check about their safety records with local highway patrol, your state’s transportation department or with the federal Department of Transportation. If your chosen company is engaged in transporting vehicles from one to another state, they should have presence on Federal DOT’s safety database.
  • Next important thing is to know about the trailers used for towing your classic vehicle. There are usually two kinds of options used for auto shipping from Florida to Tennessee and other destinations: open trailers and enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers are generally considered better alternative to transport your classic vehicle as it safeguards your vehicle from the risk of damage from flying road debris and your vehicle getting dirty from rain, dust and grime. However, enclosed vehicles are slightly expensive than open containers.
  • It is very essential to know about company’s insurance coverage before hiring them for auto shipping from Florida to Tennessee or any other destination
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Professionals understand the importance of step in car care

Professionals understand the importance of each step below in car care:

Clean the contamination attached to the paint layer of your vehicle.

Eliminates inherent contamination and inaccessible oxidation during washing.

This is an important step to restore the richness of colors, sparkling cars, and free swirls. CAUTION: Not all products labeled “polish” are pure polish, some contain abrasive materials and some contain waxes.

Apply a protective layer of wax, silicone, resins and / or polymer over the paint layer to resist contamination and oxidation.

Eliminate daily contamination on the surface (fallout, diesel exhaust, over spray, water stain, tree sap, bird droppings) when known, before attaching to the paint layer. Prepare in your vehicle for use at all times. (Treatment is an important part of having your vehicle performing at all times.)

6. Paint Surface Evaluation Test
Wash and dry your vehicle and hands. Then feel your fingers on the surface of your vehicle paint that should be smooth as glass. If not, then you feel contamination that can be cleaned safely and quickly using Vouchers from :

7. Test Protection
To determine if your paint has enough wax protection you can use a dry towel and rub it on the surface of your vehicle after washing and drying. If the sound squeaked then your vehicle needs to be waxed back.

8. Important Car Wash Tips
Do not use detergents or cheap car shampoos because it removes a protective coating on paint and accelerates oxidation. Wash you when the weather is not scorching or in the shade to prevent water stains. Start washing from top to bottom.

8. Tire Treatment Tips
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How a Barn Find uncovered a new Bloodline

Roaming the country side in search of a good deal on a used vehicle might not be the way you’d think you’d find a long lost relative, but that’s just how one turned up for me recently.  I answered an ad for a 1960’s era Volkswagen that an elderly lady wanted pulled out of the weeds behind her shed.  The only thing she could tell me about it was that it was in parts, rusted out and in the way.  She was moving to a home and had to get rid of it.  Her brother had parked the car there when he left for Viet Nam, and never returned.

I’ve been searching for the elusive Vallelunga, a mid-engine, rear wheel drive Italian sports car ever since I was shown a picture of my grandfather standing beside one and smiling into the camera.  Collecting and rebuilding old cars to sell was one of the ways I make money.  It was my dream to own one of those cars someday, and as I drove the 300 miles to check out her Bug, I fantasized about owning it.

I was also waiting on the results of the DNA test I’d taken and sent off a few weeks earlier.  My wife wanted our children to know more about their roots and we volunteered to take the test and have the results revealed at our upcoming family reunion.  We got the test through the Groupon website and saved money on our purchase.  We love to shop Groupon for all sorts of things, and have saved a lot of money in the process.  It made sense to look there first for a deal on DNA testing, and when we found the best,, we ordered the kits right away.

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