The Process Of Purchasing A Quality Motorcycle From An Online Dealer

A motorcycle is the perfect mode of transportation for a cruise on a beautiful highway or a cross-country road trip. The biggest challenge shoppers must overcome is finding the perfect bike for their taste and desires. Many find it frustrating to be limited to the inventory of their local dealer, and often feel they have to settle for a bike that doesn’t meet their demands. Online motorcycle dealers have changed the game and now allow shoppers to purchase the perfect bike and have it shipped to their front door. Buying a bike online is simple, and a little knowledge of the process can make it a worry free transaction.

Apply For Financing

The first step is to apply for financing. Most online dealers make the process easy by having an online credit application available on their website. Customers also have the choice of using an outside party to pay for the cost of the bike, and may also pay cash. It’s a good idea to have copies of wage verification documents and a state issued ID to help make the financing process go smoother.

Trade-In Valuation

If a customer has a bike they are looking to trade in, they will be required to submit pictures of the bike and any other information that is useful in determining its value. Once the dealer receives the information, they will then make an offer. The customer has the option of using the trade in price towards the purchase of the new bike or can pay the full price and sell the bike on their own.

Complete The Sale

After a sale price has is agreed upon, the customer can sign all of the required documentation online. It usually takes less than 24 hours from start to finish, and once the process is complete, the dealer will ship the bike. Shipping can take up to two weeks, depending on the location of the dealership, and the buyer must be present to accept the bike upon delivery.

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