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Driving and a Safe Environment

It is important to ensure that driving does not harm the environment. Reduced driving results in reduced congestion. The same causes less emissions in the environment. Based on daily stats, driving is the biggest pollutant. People in the US drive on daily basis.

The information is also shared with EPA. Global warming is affected in a big way by driving emissions. The emissions also increase pollution to a small scale as well. Once emitted, emissions in urban centers form smog. It is explained as a situation where pollution is trapped in urban setting. Subsequently, the poor quality of air is a cause to many health problems.

Car exhausts release nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons that induce a low level ozone layer after reacting with sun rays. Carbon dioxide is another product entailed in car emissions. Significantly, it contributes to global warming. They also come out as gasoline evaporates. Hot weather increases emission of gasoline. The case is higher if the car is running hot. The stats come from EPA as well.
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Driving a car also burn fuel to produce other forms of fuel. Emissions are released in good percentages. Refilling tanks refuels the production of gasoline. The productions account for at least 19{ffa91c979e1a3bbcaf77e905261f32f3f15e0b97ef9b70564a60385fbc29e077} through the life cycle of a car. Pollution starts in car manufacturing industries.
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A safe environment is enhanced by better driving behavior. One way is by driving in a pool of other cars. Seek out for colleagues before leaving. There are people interested in driving in a pool within the locality. Others are found on the internet. Cleaning your car is another added measure. A less heavy vehicle does not burn more fuel. Adapt good habits like avoiding idling. In fact, it increases effectiveness of using the car. Open windows for fresh air in the car instead of switching on the air conditioner.

Stick to cars that burn less fuel anytime you buy one. These cars are listed in the Green Vehicle Guide on EPA’S website. Based on safety, the cars are ranked from 10 to 1. 10 are the best while 1 is the least. Each number assigned to the car shows the rate of fuel consumption. Good behavior includes regular checking of the car by experts. It also helps to maintain the performance of the car.

Going for alternatives to driving is also better. Those people residing in urban centers can avoid driving. Options include using a train or a PSV bus. Less emission will be produced due to less vehicles on the road. Walking and cycling are other alternatives. In the process, they let people reach destinations faster. There will be no need for additional parking reservations. Adjusting to these measures helps in minimizing health effects caused by careless driving. It saves people from temporary decreases in lung capacity, acute respiratory problems and inflammation of lung tissue.