10 Of The Best Honda Sports Cars Ever Made, Ranked

Honda’s history of making tiny sports cars goes all the way back to its earliest days, but the S660 is the most recent of the bunch. It was launched for the 2015 model year in Japan only, although there were rumors that, at one point, an export version of the car was in development. That global market version never arrived, and the JDM S660’s modest performance stats made it unsuitable for sales outside of its home territory — as a kei car, it was limited to just 63 horsepower and a 660cc engine.

Acceleration was, as expected, relatively modest, although, with such little weight to haul around, the S660 could hold its own against bigger sports cars in the corners. The engine itself was mid-mounted for optimal weight distribution, and the sole transmission option was a six-speed manual. It might be very much a niche sports car designed for Japan’s tight, winding roads, but it proved to be popular, with over 30,000 examples sold by the time it was retired in 2022.

Much like its predecessor, the Honda Beat, the S660 is likely to become a cult classic as the decades pass. For now, it remains an affordable, pint-sized roadster that exemplifies the back-to-basic driving experience that so many enthusiasts yearn for.