4 Popular Types of Trailers for Sale

There are many types of trailers for sale currently on the market. But with options for custom-made, second hand and brand new trailers available in a range of types and styles, it can become overwhelming to decide which one you should buy.

Differing in features, capabilities, performance and more, the varying designs and styles of trailers for sale often cater to certain requirements. To help make your decision easier, this article details some of the most common trailer types you’ll find as you search for trailers for sale in Australia.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are considered to be the most common trailer type, and the one that most people imagine when thinking about trailers. Essentially open containers with generous weight capabilities, flatbed trailers are often chosen for the superior convenience and versatility they offer. These trailers are suitable for everything from commercial and construction use through to personal use, making them a popular all-rounder choice. The off-loading involved with flatbed trailers is also very easy, meaning they’re a good choice for anybody that wants a trailer to run quick errands. The only downfall is that they’re not enclosed, so your cargo won’t be as securely protected.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers are another popular option for those wanting to transport cargo and goods, except unlike flatbed trailers, they’re enclosed on all sides. Providers offering trailers for sale will be able to show you plenty of enclosed trailer types that deliver the practicality of a flatbed with added protection and safety for your products. These trailers can be manufactured to suit a range of uses. For example, some enclosed trailers are fitted out with a refrigerator so they can be used to transport food goods for supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

Galvanised Trailers

Galvanised trailers are a superior choice when it comes to quality and durability. When you need trailers that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, you can choose from galvanised trailers for sale that have been manufactured with high-quality steel for added toughness, durability and longevity. These trailers are typically chosen by businesses or construction workers that frequently need to transport cargo on long journeys, as they can help to minimise the chances of theft and damage due to their high-quality construction and adequate locking systems.

Tandem Trailers  

Tandem trailers have two sets of axles, meaning they can haul more weight than single axle models. Both single axle and tandem trailers have their advantages, but a double axis trailer is typically a superior choice due to having two axles in close proximity in order to evenly disperse cargo weight. While single axis trailers weigh less, are inexpensive to buy, are relatively easy to manoeuvre and require less maintenance, their load capacity is much lower than their double axle counterparts. If you’re unsure about whether you should buy a double or single axle trailer, speak to an expert who can offer you sound advice on which one will be best for your specific needs.