5 Great Pieces of UTV Riding Gear

Who doesn’t want to look stylish when riding their UTV across sand dunes and grassy trails? But UTV rider apparel is about more than just fashion and flash. It can also be a legitimate way to improve your driving performance, especially if you do your homework about the various sizes, uses and materials available. If you’re thinking about investing in UTV riding gear, here are just five pieces to consider.

  1. Gloves

A good pair of riding gloves will protect your hands from sores and scratches after long hours of off-roading. They can also help you maintain a better grip if you purchase a pair with padded knuckles or fingertip grooves that are designed to help you with precision steering. Don’t buy a pair of UTV gloves just because they look cool; buy them because they’ll take you to the next level as a side-by-side driver.

  1. Goggles

Goggles can range from $10 to $100, so it’s important to know what you need when you go shopping. Are you looking for thick urethane goggles that can be used in a variety of environments? Does it matter if they’re waterproof? What materials will wick away the moisture of your sweat during long rides?

  1. Helmet

You’ll want a helmet if you’re serious about putting your UTV through its paces. You never know when the ground beneath you might suddenly present a bucking, turning or flipping hazard, and a helmet might be the only thing that keeps you from becoming a tragic statistic. Do yourself a favor and look into high-quality helmets that will protect your brain matter no matter what comes around the corner.

  1. Racing Suits

Despite their name, racing suits aren’t only for professional drivers burning rubber on the track. They’re also used by amateurs and hobbyists who enjoy all of the benefits that a good one- or two-piece can provide. For example, insulted suits will help you regulate your body temperature no matter what the weather is like outside of your vehicle, and padded suits will protect you from various types of blowback at high speeds.

  1. Neck Brace

Last but certainly not least, consider buying a neck brace if you frequently drive your side-by-side at high speeds. Not only will they help you maintain your posture and spinal alignment, but they can also be genuinely life-saving in the event of an accident. For the best coverage, look for a multipurpose neck brace that protects against hyperflexion, hyperextension <i>and</i> axial compression.

These are just a few pieces of UTV riding gear that can make all the difference during your off-roading trip. Whether you’re rocking a Can Am Maverick or purring down the trail with an Arctic Cat HDX, do it in style with these clothes and accessories.