5 ways in which Mechanical Arms are Simplifying Garbage Collection for Waste Management Authorities

The wave of digitization has hit every business sphere be it commercial or non-commercial in nature. However, there’s one sector that was left untouched by this automation, namely “the Garbage industry”. But as mankind would have it, as soon as the potential of earning profits from the garbage industry was noticed, the industry experienced budding of several startups that brought in loads of digital innovations for this industry.

Among these innovations are the new autonomous garbage trucks who have redefined the traditional activity of garbage collection from streets and alleys. Designed with two mechanized arms, these robust trucks use have inbuilt sensors that help them to navigate and function efficiently.

Moreover, the addition of mechanized arms has made it easy for handlers to pick the garbage bins and empty it in the truck carrier. Thus, being a hit among human waste management authorities, indeed these new trucks have made life simpler for garbage collectors.

Let’s have a detailed insight on the ways in which this mechanical arms have simplified the tedious task of garbage collection.

  • Less Time Consuming: As per the structure, a normal city is bound to have numerous garbage collection points. The task of manually emptying the bins into the truck is bound to be time-consuming. However, with mechanical arms within seconds the bins are emptied and the truck is moving forward to its next garbage collection point making the entire process less time consuming.
  • Reduced Payrolls: Owning to the nature of industry, often the authorities find it difficult to recruit trained professionals. On the contrast, mechanization reduces the payrolls and helps authorities to spend available resources in training their employees.
  • Sustainable Practice: Reduction in manual task, decreases fuel consumption paving the way for low harmful emissions. Thus, the mechanization brings in observance of sustainable practice in waste management and its disposal.
  • Decreased Accidents: An efficient system reduces the risk of accidents that are often experienced due to human negligence. Perhaps, the mechanization upgrades the garbage truck’s efficiency by allowing the handler to concentrate on the core task rather than multitasking with trivial activities.
  • Supporting Recycling Industries: Among the total waste collected about 34{fad05d8c28a92584f8efb787db9a9883ccc9ecfbe0e06ad5fddc3a63eb82a10d} waste is recyclable but finding those articles in a ton of garbage is a tough job. Alternatively, the garbage collected through those e-garbage trucks is in a segregated form which helps recycle companies to find their recyclable products.

While about 80 communities from Massachusetts have successfully replicated the use of e-garbage trucks over traditional ones, some communities have experienced certain issues with these e-garbage trucks.

To illustrate, most of the e-garbage trucks are available in a standard size. Owing to this, some communities have reported the issue of these trucks being bigger than the size of the alleys or having insufficient garbage carrying capacity as compared to the quantity that is being required, Perhaps, in such situations, developing of customizable trucks as per the city structures can help to solve the problems of these communities.

Once these minor issues are solved, mechanical arms can certainly do wonders in helping waste management authorities in their work.