Big automotive companies introduce zero-interest financing

Lucky Motors and Honda have introduced an exciting new way to buy cars with zero-interest financing plans.

This is a big change in the car industry, and it means you can get popular models like the KIA Sorento, Peugeot 2008 Allure, Honda BR-V, and Honda HR-V without paying any extra interest. 

Inspired by two-wheelers

Normally, people can get financing to buy two-wheeler vehicles easily.

Lucky and Honda are the first to try this in the four-wheeler market.

They got the idea from how it works for two-wheelers, and they hope it will make buying cars easier and more affordable.

Putting customers first

Muhammad Faisal, the head of cars at Lucky Motors, wants to make sure customers are happy.

He knows that cars are getting more expensive, and it’s hard for people to get loans. So, these new plans are meant to help people afford cars without making it too hard for them.

Amir Nazir, the person in charge of selling cars at Honda, agrees and says they want to sell more cars and help customers at the same time.

Challenges in car market

Cars are getting more expensive, and it’s tough to get a loan from the bank because the rules are strict.

Not many people are buying cars, and this is a big problem.

Lucky and Honda want to help by offering zero-interest plans for their cars.

This is different from how it usually works, especially for two-wheelers, where they often charge a lot of extra money. With these new plans, you can pay for the car over 12 to 24 months without any extra interest.

This can save you money, which is important when times are tough.

Why these cars?

The cars Lucky and Honda are offering these plans for are the ones that are a bit more expensive, like the Sorento and 2008 Allure.

These cars are also not in very high demand right now, so they want to help people buy them by offering these special plans.

Saving money with zero-interest plans

People can save a lot of money with these new plans. Depending on the car, you could save around Rs0.8 million to Rs1.8 million.

That’s a big deal. It also helps the companies because they can sell more cars.