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Reasons You Should Transport Your Vehicle Using a Service

Whether you’re relocating to a new place for work, moving to a new house across the country for personal reasons or just purchasing a car from out of state, there are many reasons to use a vehicle transportation service in order to get your vehicle from point A to point Z. While it may be tempting to go on a road trip to move your vehicle long distances, this may not be the smartest move. Here are some major reasons why you should transport your vehicle using a professional service.

Save Your Vehicle on Miles

The first obvious con to driving your vehicle yourself is that you’ll incur a LOT of extra miles. The more miles you drive, the more wear and tear on your engine and the more the value decreases. This is true when it comes to important components like wheels, engines and body of the car as well as with your interior. When you ship your car using a transportation service, your miles meter doesn’t raise at all. The condition of the car stays virtually the same as if it never traveled thousands of miles in the first place. You can keep high resale value and relocate your vehicle at the same time.

Save Time and Money

If you have to physically drive your car across the country, you’re not only putting wear and tear on it but you’re also investing lots of hours to drive it cross-country. Some road trips can take many days to complete and you also incur additional costs of gas, hotels and food in the places where you are staying. When you use a vehicle transportation service, you don’t incur any of those costs. Since most vehicle transports take multiple cars at the same time, it can help to reduce the price … Read More ...