Driving without seatbelt fine is Rs. 1000! But it was only Rs. 100


Every year, more than 5 lakh road accidents happen in our country. Out of this 5 lacks, more than 1.5 lakh people die. To counter these, government needs to take some steps to significantly reduce the increasing accidents in the country.

All the four wheeler drivers while driving their car on the roads on India are expected to put on their seat belt. Not only the drivers, but everyone else sitting in the car must also put their seat belt on. This is a traffic rule laid by law and must be followed.

The transport wing of the government set up not only the rule of putting on our seat belts, but also many other important traffic rules. These rules are listed as the Indian Road rules under the ‘Rules of the Road Regulation’ which was formulated in July 1989. The government is quite stringent on following these laws. But many of us in spite of knowing the rule, tend to overlook them and cause the traffic violation. But any violation of a traffic rule is considered as a serious offence in the eyes of law and the concerned authority or traffic police has full authority to inflict the suitable punishment as per law. The cops are authorized to levy the fine on the defaulters as per the Motor Vehicle Act. One of the important traffic rule which is mostly abused and not followed is driving with seat belt on.

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Not wearing a seat belt?: The consequences

Wearing a seatbelt is must for all the four wheeler drivers. Also, all the other people present in the car must put their seat belt on too. This traffic rule is mandatory in any case. If you do not follow this rule, the penalty payment and legal hassles are some of the consequences you will have to bear for breaking this rule. The one who is found driving without putting the seatbelt on or a fellow companion in the same car if is found without the seat belt, you will be fined. The penalty, which was previously Rs. 100/- under the section 138(3), CMVR, has now increased to Rs. 1000/- now by the Transport Ministry.

The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Sri. Nitin Gadkari had introduced amendment in a the prevailing fine of a traffic violation or the Motor Vehicles Bill, 2016 which would incorporate changed fine fee for not following a traffic rule. This was done in lieu of the fact that Rs. 100 was just a nominal amount, which everyone could afford and hence the divers never took the rule so seriously. Now with Rs. 1000/- in force, the drivers will be careful and will stay away from this traffic rule violation.

This was not only done in the case of seat belt, but for other offences too. Now the amount of penalty for most of the offences like not wearing helmet, taking a wrong U-turn, not having necessary papers, jumping the red light signal, etc. were increased from 3 fold to 50 fold. Such a move was necessary to make the drivers more serious about the traffic rules and regulations. In a study which was conducted recently in the four metros of the country and the response of the people were recorded, it was clearly concluded that if the traffic violation fine is higher than the current fine, the people will surely adhere to the traffic rules as they would not like to pay a ten-fold sum of amount as fine.