First EV From Honda’s Lingxi Brand Aims To Impress Young Chinese Drivers

Scheduled to go on sale later this year, the new Lingxi L EV features 215 hp, LFP batteries, and is similar in size to a Honda Civic

 First EV From Honda’s Lingxi Brand Aims To Impress Young Chinese Drivers

After being previewed late last year in concept form, the first product of Honda’s newly formed Lingxi electric brand for China has been revealed in its final form, thanks to disclosures made with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). With crisp, angular lines, this EV aims to impress young buyers.

Built as part of Honda’s joint venture with Dongfeng, the Lingxi L closely resembles the concept car that previewed it, albeit with a significant toning down of its design. Expressive design lines and intricate lighting elements contribute to making this otherwise ordinary compact sedan a bit more captivating, kinda like what Hyundai has done with some of its more recent offerings.

With a wheelbase measuring 2,731 mm (107.5 inches), the Lingxi L is nearly identical in size to the Honda Civic, with only a mere 4 mm (0.1 inches) difference in wheelbase length. In contrast to the Civic, the L model houses a lithium iron phosphate battery pack, contributing to a curb weight of up to 1,702 kg (3,752 lbs).

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 First EV From Honda’s Lingxi Brand Aims To Impress Young Chinese Drivers

While details regarding the battery pack size and its range remain undisclosed, it’s confirmed that the vehicle will be equipped with a single electric motor capable of delivering up to 215 hp (160 kW/218 PS) to the wheels.

In addition, the documents filed with the MIIT show that the model will be equipped with radar. That suggests that the L will get some fancy tech, including advanced driver assistance features. Unfortunately, we have to see its interior.

When the first Sino-foreign joint venture introduced the Lingxi brand, Honda and Dongfeng said that the vehicles it made would be targeted at a different audience than the e:NS range of EVs, and would therefore have different pricing. While MSRPs have not yet been communicated, CNEV Post has previously reported that the brand is aimed at younger Chinese buyers, suggesting that it will work to offer affordable vehicles.