Honda a major winner in KBB 2024 Consumer Choice Awards

Honda is the major winner of Kelley Blue Book’s 2024 Consumer Choice Awards in the United States, formerly known as the Brand Image Awards. The company announced the winners on March 27.

The awards are based on KBB’s annual new-car shopper perception study data, with categories calculated among in-market luxury and non-luxury. This includes truck and electric vehicle (EV)/hybrid shoppers planning on buying a vehicle within the next 12 months.

“Honda is the major winner in this year’s Consumer Choice Awards, nearly sweeping all of the non-luxury categories and taking home more wins than any other automaker for 2024,” said Vanessa Ton, Senior Research and Market Intelligence Manager at Cox Automotive, in a statement.

Ton added that consumer perception is a “crucial factor in new-car purchase decisions,” and that KBB wanted to clarify that these awards are “directly from the voice of consumers.”

The 2024 Kelley Blue Book Consumer Choice Winners for Non-Luxury Brands are: Honda for Best Overall Brand, Most Trusted Brand, Best Value Brand, Best Performance Brand, and Best In-Vehicle Experience Brand. Dodge won Best Car Styling Brand.

Ram won Best Overall Truck Brand after Toyota held the honour for five consecutive years. And Honda won Best Overall EV/Hybrid Brand. To that, KBB said Tesla faces “gruelling competition from both legacy and start-up brands, challenging the company’s market share as their limited model lineup continues to age.”

In luxury brands, Lexus won Best Overall Luxury Brand and Most Trusted Luxury Brand. Buick took the win for Best Value Luxury Brand, Mercedes-Benz for Most Refined Luxury Brand and Best Car Styling Luxury Brand. And Porsche won Best Performance Luxury Brand.