Honda Announces Plans for Large EV

While Honda is currently getting a helping hand from General Motors for its upcoming electric vehicles, that won’t always be the case. Honda announced plans to follow up the 2024 Prologue with another electric vehicle that will be built on its own platform called e:Architecture. The “mid-to large-size” EV is set to arrive for North America in 2025.

Honda didn’t say anything about the EV, but we suspect that it will be some kind of SUV. With Honda claiming that it will be midsize to large, we think it could be a three-row SUV, as that seems to be the most popular segment for automakers to enter in the EV rush.

A three-row SUV would also fit well with the upcoming two-row Prologue EV. And Acura’s version of the Prologue called the ZDX. It would also give Honda something that GM doesn’t have. Furthermore, having its own platform would help Honda integrate its upcoming solid-state battery technology into its EVs better.

2024 Acura ZDX Concept

At the same time Honda announced that it has plans to come out with a new midsize to large EV, the Japanese automaker also publicized its plans to come out with its vehicle operating system in 2025. The upcoming EV could be the first vehicle in Honda’s lineup to get the new OS.

The upcoming midsize to large EV will be one of just many electric cars that are coming from Honda. Beyond the Prologue, Honda and GM claimed that they were working together to come out with a “new series” of affordable EVs that will start to arrive in the U.S. in 2027.

Whatever the upcoming EV from Honda may be, the Japanese automaker is clearly taking a multifaceted approach to becoming an all-electric brand. Honda has plans to only sell electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2040.

Pictured: 2024 Honda Prologue (Top), 2024 Acura ZDX Concept (Middle)

Source: CarBuzz

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