Honda Power Makes For a 9000-RPM M3

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Honda Power Makes For The Revviest E30 M3 EverMisha Charoudin / YouTube

When it comes to E30 M3s, those most excellent BMW homologation legends, there’s no good reason for a motor swap. We beg M3 owners to keep history in its rightful place, which means batting away impure thoughts of 24-valve inline-six mills.

However, if that 2.3-liter S14 should one day go pop, it’ll take upwards of $15,000 for a rebuild, mostly due to parts scarcity and labor costs. Such an event may send you looking for cheaper solutions than an engine rebuild, perhaps solutions in keeping with the spirit of that old BMW lump, something light and revvy that makes all its power on the end of the tach where eagles soar; something maybe exactly like the 2.0-liter Honda inline-four from the S2000.

On Misha Charoudin’s excellent YouTube channel (if you don’t know the guy, here’s the sales pitch: Misha hustles the Nurburgring in home-brew tuner cars of all stripes), one such car featured recently. Slammed way back in this E30’s engine bay sits Honda’s 200-ish-horse, 9000-rpm wonder, called the F20C. It’s the spiritual successor to BMW’s S14 if there ever was one—peaky and snorty and free-revving.

If you can’t keep the S14, you couldn’t do any better than this masterpiece from Honda. Here’s some proof on video.

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