Honda reviving the two-door Prelude as an EV?

Honda may look to its past to revitalize its future in the electric era. A recent trademark filing suggests Honda may look to resurrect the two-door Prelude sports car as an EV.

The Honda Prelude may live on… as an EV

Once considered Honda’s flagship model, the Prelude was discontinued in 2001 in favor of the Accord coupe (that was also eventually retired).

The decision came after sales continuously fell from its peak of nearly 80,000 in 1986 to just 10,000 in 2000. Because it was built in Japan and shipped to the US, additional costs drove up prices as the Prelude lost buyers to cheaper rival models.

A recent trademark filing from Honda, spotted by the folks at MotorTrend, suggests the Prelude may be making a return as an EV.

The trademark, filed under “Land vehicles, namely automobiles and automotive structural parts,” suggests Honda may be serious about bringing the Prelude to market. Or at least the automaker is ensuring the competition won’t use the name.

The two-door sports car was known for its high-tech features, including being the first Honda model to have a moonroof.

1996 Honda Prelude VTEC (Source: Honda)

Furthermore, the name Prelude aligns with Honda’s first electric vehicle, the Prologue SUV. With an aerodynamic design, the coupe would make a perfect fit in today’s EV market with a modern upgrade.

Although Honda has not confirmed or denied the rumors, the Prelude returning as an EV would make sense. The automaker is already behind in the US market, with its first EV rolling out next year. An electric sports sedan, fastback, or even a hatchback could be a fit.

Honda electric sports car concepts (Source: Honda)

Honda has also been dropping hints of a new electric sports car coming out later this year in honor of its 75th anniversary – could it be the Prelude EV?

The automaker plans to release 30 EV models globally by 2030, including at least two electric sports cars, a specialty, and a flagship model.

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