Honda Teases Civic e:HEV Race Car Ahead Of Tokyo Auto Salon Debut

Honda will be releasing a new hybrid-powered race car at the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. In the brand’s Auto Salon teaser website, it is simply dubbed the “Civic e:HEV,” and it merely shows the car’s outline. To that end, not much is known about this car just yet.

The name tells us that it will be at least loosely related to the Civic Hybrid we were introduced to in October, but based on the silhouette, we’d guess that not much is shared with the production car.

We see a large splitter, aggressive skirts, a low stance, widened arches, a large diffuser, and a huge rear wing, and all of these ingredients were found on the crazy 800-horsepower IndyCar-powered CR-V Hybrid that Honda created last year and dubbed “The Beast.” This looks just as vicious.