Honda unveils CR-V SUV prototype with hydrogen fuel-cell technology

  • Honda is expected to launch the CR-V with hydrogen fuel-cell technology in Japan later this year.
Honda CR-V hydrogen SUV
Honda Cars has released a teaser video where a CR-V SUV prototype is seen being tested with hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

Japanese auto giant Honda Cars has showcased the prototype of its CR-V SUV running on hydrogen fuel-cell technology. In a teaser video shared by the carmaker recently, a Honda CR-V SUV is seen wrapped in blue camouflage that has hydrogen written on it. The test mule is powered by both hydrogen fuel cell as well as a battery pack, making it capable to run on both hydrogen fuel or fully electric mode. According to reports, Honda Cars is expected to launch the CR-V with hydrogen fuel-cell technology at its home-base Japan later this year, as well as in United States.

The Honda CR-V Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle, or FCEV, is equipped with a medium-capacity battery pack with a fuel cell powered by hydrogen. These batteries will allow it to function as a fully electric vehicle without putting its fuel cell into operation. This will also eliminate range anxiety to some extent in case there are no places nearby to refuel hydrogen. The battery used by the plug-in hybrid version of this SUV globally has a capacity of 17.7 kWh, which allows it to travel around 81 kms in electric mode.

Honda has also revealed that the battery will allow it to have Vehicle to Load (V2L) capacity, being able to power external electrical equipment. The teaser video shows a person using his coffee maker powered by the battery that runs the CR-V SUV prototype.

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In terms of design, the CR-V hydrogen SUV is slightly different from the regular CR-V SUVs sold in global markets. The two most prominent changes are the new set of taillights and the charging port placed on the left side front fender.

According to reports, Honda Cars plans to manufacture 2,000 units of the CR-V hydrogen fuel-cell SUVs every year. It is expected to replace the Clarity, which was discontinued in 2021. Honda Cars had earlier advocated hydrogen fuel-cell as an alternative fuel solution to go green. Honda said the fuel cell system will be two-thirds less costly to build and twice as durable.

First Published Date: 14 Feb 2024, 13:25 PM IST