This increasingly modern era brings many new innovations, every human being is finally competing to create something new, which is then followed by many people. One example is the trend in dressing to go out or when hanging out, both for men and women.

Until finally, many of the Muslim women have forgotten their obligation to cover their private parts. Even though God has commanded us to cover our private parts. In surah an-Nur verse 31 Allah SWT says,

Say to the believing women: “Let them restrain their looks, and their private parts, and let them not show their ornaments, except what is (usually) visible of them. And let them cover their breasts with a veil, and let them not show their ornaments except to their husbands or fathers. Hijab them, or their husbands ‘fathers, or their sons, or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers, or their brothers ‘sons, or their sisters’ sons, or Muslim women , or slaves whom they have, or male servants who have no desire (for women) or children who have not understood about women’s private parts, and let them not strike their feet so that the ornaments they conceal will be known, and repent. All to Allah, O you who believe, that you may prosper.

The verse above explains to us that as Muslims, it is obligatory to cover their aurat, and lower their eyes from something that is not pleasing to Allah, and Muslim women should wear their headscarves to cover the chest, not just to cover the head, because the current trend makes many women forget this one obligation, they are obedient to wear the hijab, but the hijab is instead wrapped around the back of the neck, showing the chest. Unisma That means, he is still halfway in carrying out His orders. The scholars agree that the nakedness of a free woman in front of a foreign man is the whole body, except for the face and palms.

In another verse, Allah SWT said, “O Prophet, say to your wives, your daughters and the wives of the believers:” Let them stretch their veils over their bodies “. This is so that they are easier to be known, so they are not disturbed. And Allah is Oft -Forgiving, Most Merciful. (al-Ahzaab: 59)

It is clear that wearing the hijab is an obligation for all Muslimat, not just for the wives of the prophet. And the function of the hijab here is as a self-protection from the ‘dirty’ stares of men who can’t keep their eyes on them.

A little experience, that time when I was in the city center, to buy necessities, from a distance I clearly saw a group of men gathered as they were waiting on the side of the road, then I saw two women wearing long jeans. , and a plain T-shirt top that looked so snug on his shirt, showing his curves, and with his hair tied up, passing through the street, then the group of men seemed to tease him with whistling, and also with pleasant greetings, but he ignored the greeting. by the two women, not long after that a woman passed on the same road, but this time the woman, wearing very closed clothes, wearing a hijab according to the Shari’a, and wearing socks, was very different from the previous one, and when the woman passed through the group of men, no one paid any heed to it, such men didn’t I’m not interested in teasing him.

This made me think again, it turns out that that is why Allah commands His servants to cover their nakedness. In order to guard against the bad thoughts of men who are less able to keep their eyes open, however, a man must be very easy to seduce women who open their aurat, and those who have been able to cover their genitals must also be able to maintain their attitude in front of men.

Maybe it’s difficult to start, I was like that before, I was still unstable, and often opened and closed the hijab, but I realized that wearing the veil was obligatory for Muslimat and really needed coercion.

Then Rasulullah saw. Said “two groups of inmates of hell that I have never seen both, namely the people who carry a whip like a cow used to beat people and women who are dressed but naked, walking around and flirting, their heads like camel humps. They will not enter heaven and and will not smell…. ” (HR. Muslim)

What is meant by clothed but naked is when someone wears clothes, but he still shows his body shape, in the sense that he is still wearing tight clothes or transparent clothes, even though he covers his body, but other people can still see what is behind it. Hijab Muslim women should wear clothes that cover their genitals completely, as Allah has commanded.

Then in the hadith it is also said that ‘their heads are like camel humps’. This sentence actually explains how women currently use the hijab, namely women who use hair ornaments or hair ties that are too high and big, so that when she wears the hijab, her head will look like a protruding camel’s hump, this is precisely what we find out there, even though the Prophet himself forbade such appearances, because let alone to enter heaven, they are not allowed to even smell it.

Then the next criteria for Muslimat dress is not Tasyabbuh, which means not resembling men or infidels. So, a Muslimat must reflect herself, as a woman who obeys Allah and continues to walk on His provisions, by not changing what is already her right, for example, when a woman wants to change the shape of her face just because she wants to look more beautiful.

Basically, every human being has the right to choose their own style of dress, as long as they stick to the principles that have been established by Allah SWT and His Messenger, which are not excessive and violate the Shari’a.

The conclusion is, be a Muslim woman who is always obedient to what Allah and His Messenger have commanded us as his servants and people. namely by keeping the eyes and covering the aurat, in accordance with the Qur’an Surah an – Nur verse 31, and also do not forget to always perform other obligations.