‘I want to move out of this country so bad’

A TikToker, currently living in Okinawa, Japan, posted a video detailing 10 differences between the United States and Japan that sent her into a “coma.”

Courtney Ramirez (@courtney_ramirez), who lived in Michigan and South Carolina prior to moving, posted an extensive list of what makes Japan so different. 

“Ten things that sent me into a ‘coma’ as an American living in Japan,” the video jokingly begins. 

The first things Ramirez shared? Watermelon costs $40, fried chicken is considered a holiday food and sushi/seafood is extremely inexpensive. 

Those facts alone were enough to floor viewers.

“YOU SAID THE WATERMELON WAS WHAT,” said @annabelle.calypso333.

“I’m sorry did u just say $40 watermelon,” replied @instigator3000.

After that, Ramirez explained some of the societal norms there, saying parents often leave kids alone, car dealerships leave keys inside of unlocked cars and certain stores have parking spots dedicated to mothers with sleeping children.

“You’ll see a 4-year-old on the street and I promise you 4-year-old knows how to adult better than you do,” the TikToker said. “There’s literally designated parking spots for mothers who have sleeping babies in the car so they can go in, run their quick errand and leave their child in the car because nobody is going to their kid.”

When it comes to the food culture, Ramirez had plenty of insights, saying that you check into restaurants with machines, gas stations have the best food and the quality is generally much higher than in America. 

“I can smell food in the United States and get sick,” Ramirez said. “Here, I can eat anything and everything and I’ll feel like a million bucks afterwards.”

By the end of the video, several people in the comments wanted to join the TikToker abroad.

“*Googles how to move to Japan*,” said @unlicensedtomom.

“I want to move out this country SO BAD,” replied @ganjagh0ul.

Ramirez’s praise for life in Okinawa might tempt some viewers to make the overseas transition soon.

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