Mugen Teases Two Honda Civic Type R Kits For Tokyo Auto Salon

Building on everything in the Group A kit, the Group B mix adds a vented carbon hood and front wheel arches with carbon vents above the 19-inch wheels (which are supplied by BBS on both cars). Moreover, while the Group A kit uses a stainless steel exhaust system, the Group B configuration makes use of a titanium system, and while the former kit simply offers new brake pads, the latter will upgrade the calipers and rotors, too.

Clearly, the Mugen Civic Type R upgrades will be diverse, catering to those with tighter budgets and those who like to splash out. Whichever kit one chooses, each has been carefully analyzed to ensure optimal aerodynamic efficiency.

We’ll know more after the Tokyo Auto Salon kicks off next weekend (January 12-14, 2024), at which point Mugen will reveal pricing for both kits.