Professionals understand the importance of step in car care

Professionals understand the importance of each step below in car care:

Clean the contamination attached to the paint layer of your vehicle.

Eliminates inherent contamination and inaccessible oxidation during washing.

This is an important step to restore the richness of colors, sparkling cars, and free swirls. CAUTION: Not all products labeled “polish” are pure polish, some contain abrasive materials and some contain waxes.

Apply a protective layer of wax, silicone, resins and / or polymer over the paint layer to resist contamination and oxidation.

Eliminate daily contamination on the surface (fallout, diesel exhaust, over spray, water stain, tree sap, bird droppings) when known, before attaching to the paint layer. Prepare in your vehicle for use at all times. (Treatment is an important part of having your vehicle performing at all times.)

6. Paint Surface Evaluation Test
Wash and dry your vehicle and hands. Then feel your fingers on the surface of your vehicle paint that should be smooth as glass. If not, then you feel contamination that can be cleaned safely and quickly using Vouchers from :

7. Test Protection
To determine if your paint has enough wax protection you can use a dry towel and rub it on the surface of your vehicle after washing and drying. If the sound squeaked then your vehicle needs to be waxed back.

8. Important Car Wash Tips
Do not use detergents or cheap car shampoos because it removes a protective coating on paint and accelerates oxidation. Wash you when the weather is not scorching or in the shade to prevent water stains. Start washing from top to bottom.

8. Tire Treatment Tips
Avoid using silicone emulsion protectants that coat surface contamination with shiny synthetic coating. This makes the color change on the tire and becomes dull. Clean your tires with a good formula like the Meguiar’s Endurance Protectant that cleans, beautifies and protects with one easy step, makes the tire look new, and free from a “plastic” look.

9. Care Tips Velg
Most alloy wheels currently have varnish lining that requires special care. Do not use abrasive or abrasive pads on this rim. One of the safest and most effective is to use a velg cleaner like Meguiar’s Hot Rims. It does not contain acid, toxins or abrasives but can effectively remove difficult road stains and brake dust and create bright and shiny surfaces. This is a product recommended by BBS, a world-famous velg maker.

10. Interior Maintenance
Silicone emulsion protect can commonly protect surface contamination, create luster on the dashboard, and make chairs and stirs slippery.

11. Clear Plastic & Window tinting
Maintaining the plastic layer and window tinting is quite difficult. These materials can be easily scratched and lose their original clarity.

12. Special Detailing Tips
Use 100{ffa91c979e1a3bbcaf77e905261f32f3f15e0b97ef9b70564a60385fbc29e077} cotton terry cloth toweling on your paint coat. Its surface will protect your paint surface from small particles between surface and towel. Synthetic blends make it possible to scratch the surface of your paint. If your polishing cloth lifts color on the surface of your paint then this possibility is not clear coat. Avoid using the same lap for different products on each side, as some of the ingredients may break through and make a chemical balance of the product. Avoid to press on the bagia where your paint is thinning.