Services That a Towing Company Provides

Even though you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, there can be times when it will still break down on you. When this happens, a tow truck can help you get back behind the wheel and on your way to a garage to have it repaired. Here are a few services that these companies provide.

If Your Tire Is Flat

When your tire loses pressure as you are driving, the tow truck operator can assist you in changing it out for the one that you keep in your trunk or under your vehicle. They have the proper tools to jack your car up, switch them out, then get you on your way. They can also recommend a local shop where you can purchase a new one and have it replaced. If you are short on a spare tire, they can tow your automobile to the nearest dealer.

If You Are Locked Out of Your Car

Owners of older models of vehicle have probably left their keys inside the vehicle when they secured it. If this happens, you can call for someone to assist you in unlocking the car. The driver is able to refer you to a car locksmith Minneapolis MN if that is your choice. Otherwise, they can use the equipment that they have to attempt to manipulate the mechanics inside the door. They also have the tools to pop the knob if you left your window open a crack.

Start Your Car

Older batteries can have issues staying charged and providing the power necessary to keep your automobile operational. In the event that it does have trouble turning over, a driver can meet you where your vehicle is and give you a jump start. They will use cables and attach your terminals to the ones on their truck or on a charger. If you are able to get it running, they will send you on your way. If your car is still dead, they can take it to a garage to get it repaired.