Tips for Choosing the Best Classic Car Transport Services

When you have to move your classic car to other town, city or country, you want to take every precaution to protect it. There are plenty of companies offering auto shipping from Florida to Tennessee and other destinations all across United States. But all companies are not equal in operations and services. In order to choose the best classic car transport services, you need to consider few things in mind:

  • First of all, one must conduct research to find a company efficient and experienced in handling and transporting classic cars. You can ask friend and acquaintances to know about the reliable classic car transport services used by them and it can save you a headache down the road. It is good to read customer reviews of classic car transport companies on local better business bureau sites and independent online reviews, for more information: Audi Q2 Personal Contract Hire
  • Once you shortlisted few companies in your mind, you must check about their safety records with local highway patrol, your state’s transportation department or with the federal Department of Transportation. If your chosen company is engaged in transporting vehicles from one to another state, they should have presence on Federal DOT’s safety database, for more information: Audi Q2 Used Cars
  • Next important thing is to know about the trailers used for towing your classic vehicle. There are usually two kinds of options used for auto shipping from Florida to Tennessee and other destinations: open trailers and enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers are generally considered better alternative to transport your classic vehicle as it safeguards your vehicle from the risk of damage from flying road debris and your vehicle getting dirty from rain, dust and grime. However, enclosed vehicles are slightly expensive than open containers.
  • It is very essential to know about company’s insurance coverage before hiring them for auto shipping from Florida to Tennessee or any other destination in the world. You must ask for copy of insurance policy and verify that policy is current and in effect, so as to make sure that your vehicle will be covered in the event of an accident or damage.
  • Before transporting your classic car, you must confirm with your insurance company and check your insurance coverage to ensure the vehicle will be protected during shipping.
  • Most companies require you that your car’s gas tank be not more than one fourth full before it’s loaded for shipping. It is advised to use excess fuel before shipping or drain it using a siphon or a hand pump.
  • One must remove all valuables before shipping the car into the trailers. It is also advisable to take photographers of your car or any lose parts before shipping, so if you can ask for maximum compensation in case of any damage or accident during the transit.

It is prudent to look for auto shipping companies specializing in classic car transport services. One must look for reputed and renowned companies having years of expertise and experience in the industry to choose a reliable company.