U.S. NAFTA content demand on autos unattainable-Mexican industry

Eduardo Solis, President of the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA), stands after an interview with Reuters in Mexico City, Mexico May 22, 2017. T REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – A U.S. demand to lift the minimum regional content required in autos to qualify for tariff-free trade under NAFTA to 85 percent from 62.5 percent is unattainable, the head of Mexico’s Auto Industry Association (AMIA) said on Tuesday.

“Not even the United States’ own industry can reach the numbers its government is proposing,” AMIA president Eduardo Solis told reporters, calling the demand put forward by the Trump administration “completely unattainable.”

Solis added that the auto industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico had an agreement, noting that “we’re going to be seeking to clearly convince (our) three governments not to change the rules of origin for autos.”

Reporting by Sharay Angulo